Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Don't forget the birds...

We spent a couple of hours at the weekend making some seed cakes for the birds and they have not gone unappreciated. They are full of fat, nuts and seeds and have so far been the cause of quite a lot of activity and a few fights too!


1kg lard
1kg peanuts
1kg wild bird seed Bird seed cake ingredients on Twitpic

some yoghurt pots or similar containers and / or half coconut shells
String for hanging

Melt the lard, stir in the seeds and peanuts until there is still quite a lot of the fat in liquid form as this will ensure the cakes set hard. yum...tasty!  on Twitpic

Cut the string into 6" lengths and tie the two ends to a match stick or small twig, this will help to make sure the string doesn't pull out of the cake when it is hanging up.

Dangle the string and twigs into the pots and containers and then fill with the seed mixture.

Allow to set solid and then remove from the pots and hang out for your garden birds.

If like us you couldn't bear to stick the christmas tree onto the compost heap just yet or the council haven't been able to collect it yet put it to good use and turn it into a fantastic feeder for the birds, to add to the decorations we also hung up some pieces of apple which have gone down a storm the new bird feeder... on Twitpic

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